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We use the amazing Naked Tan for all of our Spray Tans in the salon... with so many options to select from you can find your perfect colour match and most natural tan.

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Naked Tan has been featured in a range of popular Australian Media Outlets. For 15 years, they are easily recognisable and trusted by our users. 

Since 2019 they have provided the ladies on The Bachelor a bronzed glow. With their busy schedule of cocktail parties and group dates, these women need a super quick tan. They have been sprayed in our 20 Minute Glow On The Go Solution that compliments any skin tone and gives a beautiful glow for TV screens across Australia. Plus the tan looks amazing in real life!

An Australian made and owned brand, the Naked Tan has no nasties in and is a clean product which steers free of nasty little ingredients. The Brand is free of sulphate, SL, Parabens, mineral oils and other not so nice ingredients. 

Vegan and cruelty free an all natural product you skin is in safe hands.

How to prepare for your tan

1. Exfoliate & remove dead skin 48 before your tan

2. Do not shave or wax any later than 24 hours before your tan

3. Do not use a moisturiser on the day of your tan, it will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning product.

4. Stay away from deodorant and perfume the day of your tan 

5. Do not leave your tan on longer than 4 hours, the colour will be comprised if you sleep in your tan

6. To maintain your tan keep hydrated and your skin moisturised. This will make the most of your tan and keep it streak free.

We recommend using the products by Naked Tan to maintain Tan. 

Spray Tan $37
Mixed Tan $30
(combo of colours)

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