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The final step in your make-up application.

This product is a must have! 

It absorbs excess oil during the day and eliminates shine.

If you have oily skin and get shine later in the day you can apply Veil and it will instantly take away the shine leaving your makeup untouched.

It is also a setting powder.

Veil will also help eliminate the appearance of large pores and will give an all over smoother look.

If you are not using this product, you are missing out!! 

- It is a setting powder 

- It absorbs excess oil 

- It extends the longevity of makeup 

- It eliminates shine 

- It helps reduce the appearance of large pores 

- It help reduce the appearance of fine lines 

- It helps stop foundation creasing



  • As a setting powder  – Apply over entire face (including eye shadow) for longer wear and to set your make-up for the day. 

    Bake (intense setting technique for extended wear) – Apply thick layer of Veil beneath eyes and to T-zone and leave for a number of minutes, concentrate on another area while this sets, the longer the better. Once set, dust and blend with large powder brush.

    For very oily skins – Apply after primer, before foundation & after foundation for added absorbency and to eliminate excess oil.

  • Rice powder, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides.

    Net weight 6g.

    Natural Ingredients

    Vegan Ingredients

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