Facials & Skin

We offer two amazing facials using our fantastic Waterlily Spaceuticals range. 

Both facial treatments include through skin consultation before the treatment begins, and skin solutions/recommended home care treatment plans. 

Please see below for more details.

Here at Lash Me Up Cleveland, we also offer FREE SKIN CONSULTATIONS where you can chat to one of our team about your skin concerns and get some advice on treatments and products.


Rose Quartz Spa Facial

A luxurious performance spa facial targeting firmness, lines and
wrinkles. Activated with smart peptide, Heptapetpide-7 with
advanced cosmeceuticals of resveratrol and hyaluronic acid in an
anti-ageing vitamin complex with a nurturing infusion of pure rose oils, crushed quartz and crystal essences to intensify transformation at a cellular level.


A collagen inducting treatment harnessing Heptapeptide-7, a cutting edge clinically tested cosmeceutical that activates epidermal growth factors to build collagen, reverse wrinkles and regulate hyaluronic acid. Laden with clinical cosmeceuticals to target skin tone and texture by illuminating and brightening the complexion and deeply hydrating skin. This anti-ageing treatment

is a remedial ritual for skin types wanting to see an immediate improvement in firmness, tone and radiance.

This 60 minute luxury skin therapy starts with an aromatherapy rose and vanilla compress followed by a professional alpha-hydroxy acid refining double cleanse and deep exfoliation.

An intense emulsion fortified with smart peptides, resveratrol, omega serums in an anti-ageing vitamin complex is infused by massage to activate collagen and elastin. Boosted wth crystal essences, rose absolute and hyaluronic acid for the ultimate moisture locking hydration surge.

The treatment is complete with an intensive dose of 500mg of pure L-ascorbic blended with ellargic rich strawberry and soothing crushed rose quartz to deliver a complete age proofing skin solution.

The Ritual

The Rose Quartz Spa Facial is an exquisite treatment nurtured with precious rose oil, crushed quartz and crystal essence to honour skin while key actives stimulate the extracellular matrix to lift firm had tone.

Rose Quartz Spa Facial from $110

Express Facial from $65

Champagne & Diamonds Spa Facial

luxury skin celebration harnessing liquid diamonds infused in a vino reveratrol rich emulsion laced with pure strawberry concentrate and anti ageing vitamins.


The Champagne and Diamond Facial is an anti-ageing treatment targeting pigmentation and age spots, lack of firmness, loss of collagen and elastin. 

Your skin will thank you for the surge in hydration, refined texture and skin tone and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Ritual

A synergy of botanical with performance antioxidants and anti-ageing vitamins to deliver clarity and brilliance giving the skin renewed luminosity and hydration. The perfect skin ritual to toast the festive season with an opulent infusion of exotic extracts and precious gems. 

Champagne & Diamonds Facial from $110

Express Facial from $65